All services/repairs are carried out by a Cytech 2 qualified mechanic.

M-CHECK / M.O.T:                     £20
BASIC SERVICE:                      £50
MAIN SERVICE:                      £80


A visual inspection and a written report on work/parts required. (This charge is waived if followed up with a service).

or (P.D.I):                                     £35

New bike build and set up from the box to British Standard 6102 Part 1 (1992). E.g If you have purchased your bike on-line or via mail order I can check and set up your new bike to suit you.

FIRST SERVICE                             £20

Ideally if you have bought a bicycle on-line or via mail order, this service is carried out on new bikes after 4-6 weeks, (the running-in period). 

This service should be carried out every 6 months and covers adjustments of the working parts on the bike. This is often most suitable to new bikes that have worn in over the first few rides, bikes that have laid dormant at the back of the shed but were working beforehand with no obvious problems or just as a thorough check over after an accident.

It includes:

*Visual inspection of the frame and fork for damage.
Assessment of wear on the;

*chain,cassette,chain rings,

*brake pads/blocks,

*tyres and


*Brakes are adjusted.
*Gears are adjusted.
*All bolts are tightened to correct torque.

*Drive train is lubricated.

*Seatpost is removed, cleaned and greased.

*Saddle adjusted if required.

*Advice on future work.


This service should be carried out every 12 months or every 1200 miles (whichever comes first). Ideally for high mileage commuting bikes, road bikes and off road bikes.

It Includes:
The Basic service as detailed plus;

*Hubs checked, then adjusted and lubed as required.

*Wheels trued if required.
*Bottom Bracket checked, (adjusted, cleaned/ greased as required).
*Headset checked, (adjusted, cleaned/ greased as required).
*Torque nuts and bolts.
*Advice on future work.


Fitting any minor parts such as cables, brake pads etc, will be included in the service charge. Other work is charged extra, (see individual Repair prices)​



The prices shown are for labour only.

There will be additional charges for parts and repairs if needed,(see Repairs),

There will also be an additional charge (max £10) if the bike needs cleaning in order to carry out an inspection.

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